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On Valentine's day we ordered a heart shaped pizza from John's Pizza Cafe. We ordered one from them last year too. Andrew just gets a kick out of the 'special' pizza. It is a kind of cool pizza, and I really like supporting the local pizza place. We have a couple of really good places near us. The local darling is Mama's Pizza, but when I tried to order from them it was a hour and a half wait for a pizza.

April also made a strawberry layer cake (I think that was part birthday cake for her too). It was really good, so good that Nick would not let us throw out the bit he couldn't eat. After eating pizza and most of a piece of cake he was stuffed and couldn't eat any more, so he walked around and tried to get the rest of us to eat it. April will end up making this again, for Andrew's third fifth birthday (another post).

For April's birthday, I gave her the gift of solitude. I took the kids, both of them, to Jellystone resort in Warrens, WI with my mom's side of the family for a 4 day weekend. It was a huge log cabin, it had to be there were 20+ people staying there. The best part is that it had a classic Wisconsin water park (I guess we have them in MN now too). Nick and Andrew both had a blast playing in the water park. Andrew got to play with his Uncle's most of the time, since Nick and Andrew are at different speeds of water play. Having another person to play/ watch Andrew was really nice when it came to the lazy river and wave pool. Andrew is still too small to ride on the tubes they have there so he rode with an uncle each time. Thanks guys for helping Andrew. One of the recently realized benefits of taking Nick away from Mom for the weekend was that he has realized he can be away from Mom for a bit. Sorry, but I really don't have many pictures from that trip. My hands were full just with the 2 boys, and the water park did not seem like the proper place for electronics.

While I was away with the kids April got a bunch of work done on Nick's room (which is almost done)I will post on that once I get some pictures. She fixed up the closet, painted it, and primed all the trim in the room (there is more than you would think). She did get to do some fun stuff while I was gone too. I will let her post about that.

This past weekend, Dan and Nancy came over for Andrew's birthday and to spend some time with the grandkids. Both kids had a blast, April and I had fun too. On Saturday, we went to the MN Zoo. It has been a long time since I went to the Zoo. They have done some really nice things to the Zoo, especially to the Minnesota Trail. You can see some pictures of our excursion here.
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