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lets see...

My last real post was before Christmas. So that means I owe everyone a family update post.
We got lots of snow in December (some of it is still here. So Nick got his first taste of sledding. With snow covering everything, including half the un-shoveled sidewalks in town, I started taking Kapik snowshoeing at the Como Park golf course. April and I even went snowshoeing once at Cleary park while my Mom watched the kids. Terry, Jessica, Tracey, and Trevor were there too so adults outnumbered kids by more than 2 to 1. From how it was told to me, Andrew wanted to go sledding, so Terry and my Mom took the boys out sledding. Andrew had his usual fun time. Terry took Nick down the little hill at my Moms and now Nick does not like Terry nearly as much.

Andrew had his church Christmas program on the sixteenth of December. His class did not have as many lines this year, but sang more songs. Some of those songs he is still singing now. After the Christmas program, we had Parents and siblings from both sides over for a turkey dinner. We also opened some presents afterward since we were not going to be able to go up north for Christmas. Between parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, Andrew and Nick received tons of presents. Thank you for all your generosity, the kids have been playing with their new toys almost constantly. Andrew actually told us at one point before Christmas that he would like socks from Mom & Dad since he will get lots of toys from the rest of the family. We bought him socks. And a couple of other things.

I had shop/garage Christmas. April and the kids gave dad a garage heater and a welding mask. Now I just need to upgrade the electrical to and around the garage to use the welder. I found that out by blowing fuses in the garage when trying to start the new air compressor (also a gift) when it was cold and blowing the fuses in the garage. Cub charges too much for fuses, but at 9pm on a Saturday too much is better than in the dark. So this spring I think a bit of a garage update is in order.

Kapik, the new husky puppy we got this summer, has been growing and is like 45 pounds or so now. He has had a disappointing winter. With it being so cold, he has not been getting to go for runs. I was running him up through December, and then was doing some snowshoeing with him, but then it just got too cold.

My Jeep experiment (the one where I drive a 28 year old jeep 50 miles a day) has had mixed results. I found out it is really cold. The Jeep is drafty, and the blower motor couldn't blow out a candle from a birthday cake. I know what I need to do to fix that just been too cold to work on it. I also took out the poor 4 cylinder engine. It always was a bit of a dog, but I just took it for it being a 28 year old engine from a US auto maker when they were not known for good small engines. Fortunately, my uncle Bernie had a good running duplicate of my engine at the yard he works at. After he replaced the engine, I can now out accelerate a tractor. The point is that it starts and runs much better, hopefully it uses less gas too.

I have posted some more pictures to picasa just click on the link to see the list of albums. Some are from as far back as this spring, but they were on film, and I sometimes forget to develop it. I have a roll or 2 to develop still, and will post more on Andrew's birthday soon.

Sorry if this post is disjointed, it just covers too much time, I should post more

“lets see...”

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