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Daily runs with Kapik

So I have been doing mostly well on getting my daily run (sometimes twice). Kapik has been the best motivator for this daily activity. If he does not get at least one run per day, he tears the house apart. If you want you can see my public profile on favoriterun.com. It has my routes and what I run every day. I figure I am doing really well just running every day, that I sometimes batch my entries 3 or 4 days at a time.

Speaking of Kapik, he is now the same weight as Andrew. We took Kapik to the vet since he ate his bed and then was not feeling well (go figure!). After they weighed Kapik Andrew stepped on the scale too, there is a .1 pound difference between the two. Both of them are around 45 pounds!

“Daily runs with Kapik”

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