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CJ??? what kind of a name is that?

In the beginning, Jeeps were named with a purpose. CJ actually stands for "Civilian Jeep", once Jeep started to name the vehicles, their code no longer means anything. It is still useful though, it can help you tell the difference between model revisions, and ease eBay searches. Here are how the code and models match up

CJ2a - A flat-fender, very similar to the military MB

CJ3b - The only real difference is the taller hood for a new engine.

CJ5 - Easily distinguished from the CJ-7 by a small doorway with a rounded, sloping rear edge

CJ6 - Essentially a CJ-5 that was stretched 20" to be used like a pickup.

CJ7 - A compromise between the CJ-5 and CJ-6, . The body tub is very similar to the YJ and TJ, but the rear wheel wells are round instead of angular

CJ10 - A more truck-like Jeep built mainly for export or the USAF

CJ8 Scrambler - Similar to a CJ-7, but like the CJ-6, it was intended as a small pickup, but never really found its niche.

Wrangler YJ - The original Wrangler, made '87-'95.

Wrangler TJ - The second generation Wrangler, made 1997-2006, much more car like

Wrangler JK or JKL - Largest Wrangler yet, also poor MPG (<16)

Grand Cherokee ZJ - Jeep's luxury cruiser Replaced the SJ

Grand Cherokee #2 WJ - Much more aerodynamic version.

There are many other Jeeps that have been made, and most of them have 2 digit codes. Some of the others are in this slide show.

I think the best jeep quote I have seen was:
"No one ever accused the Wrangler of being comfortable, quiet, or practical. No one ever called it boring, either. The Wrangler is a two-door toy, ... great fun to drive with the top down." -- AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE, Sport Utilities '95; Buyer's Guide, March 1995

“CJ??? what kind of a name is that?”

  1. Anonymous Terry Pearson Says:

    Hey that is pretty cool. I never knew why they named the jeeps the way they did.

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