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My new hobby/daily driver

Last Sunday, I bought a 1980 CJ7 with all the rust of a 27 year old jeep, but only 103K miles. It is really going to be a learning project. But while I am learning (provided I do not learn the hard way too many times) it will be a usable vehicle. In fact, my plan for the next few months is to use it to get to work. The CJ has a 4 cylinder in it so it actually gets close to 20mpg. I have some really fun plans for this jeep, but most of them will happen after the body fails or the engine blows.

I know this is not a real practical vehicle for driving across the twin cities every day. I figured that I would be OK pretty much what ever happens. In the worst case I have to sell the CJ to help pay for a vehicle that can get me to work every day, and I might end up with a couple of days off for vehicle failures. This really did not sound too bad. The guy I bought it from got non stop calls about it till I paid for it and he removed it from craigslist. So I could even make money on the jeep. Best case I drive it for 6-12 months and save for another car to take to work. In say 9 months I buy another vehicle and I now am free to work on or upgrade the CJ as my wallet sees fit (JEEP really stands for Just Empty Every Pocket) without impacting my ability to get to work. In the process I learn more than I could have otherwise and I get a 3rd fun, cool vehicle. So really I had chances for big positives and some chance for something not so bad.


“My new hobby/daily driver”

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