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An expensive weekend of savings

It started out on Friday night, I was perusing craigslist for jeep parts for the CJ. Someone had just posted a soft top in good shape for $100. Even better they were in Stillwater. I inquired and was the first to respond, so I scheduled to take a look at it around 9:30 ish. It turned out to be in really good shape (almost new). These things are about $500 to $650 new and go for $300 - $400 used. He even threw in the bikini top for the jeep (piece of cloth that just covers the driver and passenger from the sun, leaving the backseat for cooking). Since it was missing 2 steel bars that go from the roll cage to the windshield, he knocked $20 off the price. I really wanted a soft top for the summer, but was not going to buy one for $500. I was planning on buying the bikini top this summer since they are $50 and from what I have heard, you will roast in a jeep in the sun. The above picture is of a stock photo with the soft top on, only I have full soft doors (like they will be on in the summer) instead of the 1/2 steel doors pictured.

Later on Saturday, I was looking at the used tools on Craigslist and someone had a small hobby welder on sale for $25. It only does 1/16 inch steel, but I need to learn somehow (the CJ needs some welding done). It is much cheaper to figure out welding on a $25 welder that uses 110v, than a $300 welder that I need to run 220V to the garage to use. April kinda thinks it is just another toy, but really it is just an extension of a toy I already have, the CJ7.


“An expensive weekend of savings”

  1. Anonymous Terry Pearson Says:

    That should be fun to ride in in the summer. A convertible and a jeep, the best of both worlds.

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