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"No More Collapses."

I am not real big on regurgitating just what other people write. I figure that you could read it on your own, and when it comes straight from the star tribune, most people would find it anyway. But Nick Coleman, a columnist at the the Star Tribune, has one of the best written articles I have seen in a while. It can be found here.

I really don't see it getting better. Updating and replacing bridges and roads, causes traffic jams and is almost always designed for usage numbers dated 5 years previous. Building new stadiums is fun, just like going to a game. Would you rather pay for a 15-30 minute extra commute or an evening watching millionaires play games?

More to the point of the comic to the left, if the majority of our funding comes from gas taxes, what would we do if we all had electric cars? It really would not take long for our roads to look like a road from the Roman empire.

“"No More Collapses."”

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