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Bulletproof Tire Ale (Fat Tire Clone)
Original Gravity 1.052
Volume 5 Gallons
Potential Alcohol: 13%

I got to brew today! I bought this Fat Tire clone kit from Northern Brewer o
n fathers day weekend. I finally got a chance to brew it up. If nothing screwy happens, it should be ready in 6 weeks to put in bottles. If I find a cheep or free chest freezer (5 to 7 cubit feet) before then it will be drinkable 2 days later, otherwise it will take 1 to 2 more weeks of sitting in the bottle waiting for bubbles. I did get some help on this batch, Nick and Andrew on this. This is both of them helping me with the glass carboy full of 6 gallons of water. I actually had to go out a buy one today, since my previous primary fermenter was a food grade plastic bucket and that might have been used for other things. Here is a really simple brewing process:
1. Bring water to a boil, add specialty grains between 100 and 170
2. Once boiling, turn off heat and add fermentables.
3. Turn on heat again bring to a boil and add flavor hops
4. Boil for 60 minutes, at 15 minutes left add aroma hops.
5. Boil is done, cool wurt to brewing temp (65 to75 degrees)
6. Transfer to fermenter, add yeast, seal with an airlock
7. Wait for a few weeks, carbonate/keg/bottle, and drink.
Thanks to my turkey fryer, I now have a 7 gallon pot to brew in and a burner to cook all this outside. The house stays much cooler this way. Andrew has been really interested in this process. I have been explaining the science behind this to him as it goes. He also got to try some LME (liquid malt extract), he thought it tasted like honey. One of the really cool things of this brewing exercise is that the target original gravity was 1.052, which is what mine came out to be, hopefully this batch will turn out tasting like Fat Tire.

Maybe we can have some people over later to try it

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