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Andrew Rides New Bike

Andrew Rides on his own!

See that bike?  That is Andrew riding his new bike for the first time.  April and I had been trying to convince Andrew we could take the training wheels off of his bike for a while.  Well last week April found a bigger, better 20" bike at a garage sale, it even still had the price tag still on it!  We told Andrew that there would be no training wheels on this bike so if he wanted to ride it he was going to need to learn to ride with out them.
So the first time I take Andrew over to the park, he starts riding on his own after only a couple of trips across the ball field with dad holding on to the seat!  After that he rode for about 15 minutes, got a couple of comments that they could not tell it was his first time, then we went to A&W for dinner and 90 cent root-beer floats.
I am really proud of Andrew, and look forward to many nice bike rides this summer.  
Here is a video of him riding at the park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4cFDHxcUvI

“Andrew Rides New Bike”

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