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What have we been doing - April

Saturday, May 09, 2009 by Myself

We started out the month by using the Benihana gift certificate we got for Christmas a while ago. The kids were really good, and thought the food prep was fun. Our Chef made both the onion volcano and a fried rice Mickey Mouse. What was almost more funny was that I had to explain Mickey Mouse to the kids, we just don't watch that much Disney.

The next weekend, April and Andrew went to a birthday party for one of his classmates. I don't have any pictures of that (since I did not go), but Nick and I hung out. We needed to run some errands and get lunch. As you can see lunch also involved dessert.

Here you can see how fast a kid can move when all hopped up on sugar. We were busy as usual for Easter. April sang in Choir and played trumpet. After Church we went over to my Aunt and Uncles for Easter dinner. There was the usual Easter Pinnata, that I did not get any pictures of (with my phone).

The following weekend, we went down to Mankato for an ALS walk to support April's aunt. It was a 3 mile walk, Andrew ran most of it, Nick got the easy ride in the stroller.

After a nice walk we visited the Happy Chef. It is really too bad that the speaking does not function anymore. It is also too bad that they do not have pudding pops. After getting home, we went over to a friends house to disassemble a playground he gave us. He moved into a new house that had a wooden playground, that he did not think a full grown man needed to play on. I have to adjust some of the parts to fit our yard, but the kids will really have fun once I finally get is rebuilt.

The next weekend, I got some project work done around the house and some work on the playset. As you can see I put up a magnetic knife bar, I also had to repair the towel bar in the bathroom. Since I fixed it, it has been pulled down again, so I think it will need to be replaced with something new.

Finally, we had a our annual Pinewood derby race at church. Andrew and Nick helped design their cars and did the painting. dad did the sawing and the sanding for Nick. Andrew was really excited too since he won every race including the race between the 3 winners of each category. I tried something on both cars, Nick's got an extended wheelbase. That caused a bit of a controversy, in regards to the rules. in the end I pointed out that there is nothing in the rules that states you cannot.
On Andrew's car, I adjusted one of the front wheels to not touch the ground. Effectively, Andrew's car was a tripod with 4 wheels. The reduced friction really made Andrew's car keep its speed on the last 1/3 of the track that is flat. Andrew was so proud, that was all he talked about the rest of the day.

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