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Nicks room, Back bedroom, and Jeep

Friday, April 18, 2008 by Myself

Well we finally got Nicks room mostly done. April thinks it still needs some curtains and stuff like that, but all he furniture is in the room and he sleeps in there every night, so I say it is done. Everything else we do is just further upgrades.

We actually got Nick moved in a couple of weeks ago. April wants to wait to take pictures till we get the curtains up, I will sneak one tomorrow.

Since we got Nicks room done 2 weeks ago, I was able to finish/fix the electrical outlets in the back bedroom that nick was sleeping in. The electrical was started a long long time ago. Dan helped us bring the circuit up to the room from the basement and we terminated it at a single outlet. The idea was to spread the electrical around when we finished the room. After thinking about it, I realized I could fish a wire from that outlet to an outlet on the other side of the room through the floor(or ceiling if you are in the kitchen). From there, I could pull it into the attic and then be able to put that circuit anywhere. Not only did I get that done, last weekend, but I also got the front differential fluid changed on the jeep. I still need to change the front drive shaft U joints, and the rear differential needs its fluid changed too. I started the rear this week, only to strip one of the torx bolts holding the cover on. My plan is to take the grinder to 2 sides of the nut and then use the vice grips on it. Hopefully that works. I went out at lunch today and bought 12 new grade 8 hex bolts to replace all the silly torx ones. I have the U joints to do the front drive shaft. I would love to get that done this weekend too, but really I do not use the front drive shaft at all. It really never moves much, which is why it has issues first.

Previous to all of this was a pinewood derby race at Church. Andrew took 4th out of 10 or so cars with his multi-colored Subaru in the Go Karters' category. I think it was pre k to third grade. Nick had a silver Delorian. Since he is not pre k yet, he raced in the Sunday Drivers category which is the Adults and their little kids. All I really know is he wasn't last. Both kids just loved seeing their cars race. I suppose that is the real reason to make a car and race, but winning would have been fun.

....I will post pictures when i find them again

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