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Florida, Day One and Day Two

Well, we got to FL yesterday. For taking an early flight, we did not get to the condo till 3. The plane took off 50 minutes late, and well Miami Airport is a zoo. It really took way too long to get our car, out luggage and get out of the airport. I am not going to complain about the drivers in MN (for at least a week). Nobody here can merge, or for that matter drive. We are in a different resort than the last time we were here, It is owned by the same company, but is newer. Basically, it is just the reverse setup of the unit we would have had a mile north at the other place. We are staying at Vacation Village Mizner Place in Weston, FL. This new resort is smaller (which is really nice), and is just across the street from the local shopping area. The shopping area has a Publix (grocery store) and a bunch for upscale and independent shops. Walking to the grocery store is really nice, especially since we have a full kitchen here. We used the local store tonight and had a nice meal on the patio. Posts might be a little slow, since to use the internet in my room I have to use the antenna post to get a wireless signal.


“Florida, Day One and Day Two”

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