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Thinking of moving

We are currently in the process of finishing some of our projects on our house to get it ready to sell. I think we just need to find a new place to live, with more space and less work needed (maybe). We will probably be looking in the Cottage Grove/IGH/Hastings area. It seems like a nice place to live, and won't change my commute much. I have resurrected an old blog I had and renamed it to http://1178.pearsonmn.net. I will post any new stuff that happens with our house there. It is amazing just how much we have to do. Most of it is small stuff and we have been trying to knock that stuff off so all we have left is a couple of big projects. I just thought I would let everyone know where these updates will be.


“Thinking of moving”

  1. Blogger Dreaming again Says:

    Hey Tim ... I have a picture of you as a baby (BITTY baby), your dad, and your dad's dad ...in California ... if you would like, I could scan it and email it to you. I started to, and then realized I should probably give you the option if you wanted it or not.

    my email is Pearlsofaneagle@aol.com

    Your family is beautiful!
    Aunt Peggi

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